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Suggested IP Cameras

By November 26, 2013 News No Comments

When it comes to one of the important parts in your Cloud based video surveillance, choosing the best and most reliable IP cameras, there are many options. It depends, what you are looking for as features and what is the main purpose you want to use them for – business purposes or home purposes. Also, are you going to have an indoor or outdoor camera. Features, that many people find important are :

IP camera1 IP camera2 IP camera 3

- Wireless connectivity to the Internet. Of course, when it is inside your house, you should consider the option of losing quality internet due to the walls and other disturbances.So think about it

- Zoom control

- Both audio and video. If the IP camera is HD. There is nothing better than HD sound and video. Great for identifying intruders from the police

- Night vision – It is great, if you want to keep an eye on your property or business ( warehouse, production facility, store) during the night

- Dyndns or similar

- Motion detection. It will save you recording space on the cloud storage. This is a great feature, that will trigger your IP camera, only when there is an „event“.

- MPEG-4 compression

- Builtin microSD/SDHC card slot

When you chose and IP camera, you should also think of where it is going to be – Oustide or inside.

We do not want to say that one brand is the best, but through our reserach, we found out that people tend to like and reccomend these brands:

Y-cam, Zavio, Axis, Vivotek, D-Link,Tp-Link, Foscam.

Wne you look at outdoor cameras – Vivotek, Y-Cam and Foscam have models with waterproof casing and Wi-Fi. Their resolution is standart.

Here are some links to these companies. You can find some useful information on their websites

http://www.vivotek.com/web/product/ProductDetail.aspx?Model=IP8336W – Vivotek outdoor camera. Check out the other products as well

http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/home-solutions/view/network-cameras/dcs-2332l-outdoor-hd-wireless-day-night-cloud-camera – good quality outdoor camera





The options are many. Chose wisely, If you want to have a reliable IP camera and use it for a long period of time. Also consider a cloud based surveillance solutionsCloud storage is a great option if you have a small business or start up. Also it is cost saving for you home security needs. Great way to monitor you home during the day from your smart phone or laptop, your baby in the other room or just your crazy Labrador.

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