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IP Camera and Cloud based Surveillance!

Analog Closed Circuit television systems are doomed. All these cameras, along with the hardware that services them are becoming outdated. In todays Internet era, computers help people in almost every social and economic area.

Digital cameras are the future. If you do not consider changing your Video Surveillance system and switching not only to better image quality, but also to better security, your business or home security surveillance system is out of control. Digital cameras are not only better, but also cheaper and provide much more options and features, that you have ever imagined before.

When using digital camera, you need to consider several things. The data recorded by the digital camera responds to the image size, which corresponds to the pixels of the digital camera. The size of the data gathered by the digital cameras is big and the data storage and transmission are a problem. Thats why digital video uses codecs to strip information from the files. This way it reduces their size. Codecs allow us to have better quality images and still reduced files size.

ip camera

When you chose IP camera for your Home or Business you should take into consideration several things, before buying one:

Camera Specifications:
Image and audio. The best IP cameras record in HD format video. HD gives you higher image quality. This will definitely help the police to identify an intruder’s face. The best IP cameras have a Motion detection feature, which will put the camera in action, once a motion is detected! This way it is not necessary the IP camera to record video all the time.

Live Monitoring
Live Monitoring is important for Home owners and Business people. No matter if you have a cafe, restaurant, office with 100 people, Busy warehouse or Kids at home or crazy small dog, you can access your video at any time from any part of the world. IP camera’s are based on networks, that comes with a plan. You can just log into your network and start monitoring.

Help & Support
Look for IP cameras with 24/7 support and proven quality. There are many forums on line, that can help you get all the information you will need. Do not go for the most expensive one, but for the most reliable ones and for those, which will fulfill your needs.

IP cameras are great and provide high quality services. Along with a cloud based Surveillance solution you can get one really complete security solution. So why not try it.


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