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Cloud Based Surveillance for the Business

Cloud based services and solutions have been widely adopted and used by many people and companies in the recent years. Cloud solutions are everywhere around us – telecommunications, cloud based surveillance. Cloud based software is provided under different plans. Some of them are Free and include some basic features, others are paid and include many more.

Cloud based surveillance provide many features, like the regular surveillance systems – video recording, Motion detection, archived video, is stored in the cloud. A cloud based surveillance service can give you also e-mail alerts. The servers of cloud based surveillance are located in different places, which gives flexibility and provides security to the customers. All data is protected and archived. The data is accessible via Internet and there is no need for the customer to purchase data storage devices, like DVR’s. Businesses can monitor their employees and daily operations and all they will need is an Internet connection and IP cameras.

Cloud Based Surveillance for the Business

Usually if you want to set up a surveillance system for your home or business, you should pay over $1000. This is a big amount of money and there is no need of such expense, when you should think of other important things. Plus the quality of Cloud based surveillance is better than the regular security surveillance systems. For the Cloud based surveillance there is no need of costly hardware. In most cases all you need to get are couple of IP cameras. Also, when you buy and expensive system, you will also have to spend money on maintenance, software licenses, updates. With cloud based surveillance, there is a lower entry cost and the monthly plans are made to save you money. The cloud based surveillance allows you just to plug and play your IP camera. Cloud based surveillance provides support for most known models of IP cameras. There is also no need of IT specialists. The process of registration and setting up is really easy and user friendly. It is not necessary to be a specialist.

Cloud based solution, like surveillance allows every business owner to monitor his/her business from any part of the world, as long as there is available Internet connectivity. If you have a baby or a wild pet, you access your surveillance using your laptop or smart phone and log into the system and se what is happening. Plus all the recorded data is saved in secured server, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The software owner is responsible for the maintenance and the support of the system.

If you want to increase the ability of the system – add more IP cameras, additional storage, more features, there is also no need of increasing you expenditure on hardware, you just add them on the system and maybe pay some more for these features, but compared to the technology spendings is way better.

Cloud based surveillance is scalable and proven to help small or big companies and home owners. Just go and try it. Just follow the link…

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