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Suggested IP Cameras

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When it comes to one of the important parts in your Cloud based video surveillance, choosing the best and most reliable IP cameras, there are many options. It depends, what you are looking for as features and what is the main purpose you want to use them for – business purposes or home purposes. Also, are you going to have an indoor or outdoor camera. Features, that many people find important are :

IP camera1 IP camera2 IP camera 3

- Wireless connectivity to the Internet. Of course, when it is inside your house, you should consider the option of losing quality internet due to the walls and other disturbances.So think about it

- Zoom control

- Both audio and video. If the IP camera is HD. There is nothing better than HD sound and video. Great for identifying intruders from the police

- Night vision – It is great, if you want to keep an eye on your property or business ( warehouse, production facility, store) during the night

- Dyndns or similar

- Motion detection. It will save you recording space on the cloud storage. This is a great feature, that will trigger your IP camera, only when there is an „event“.

- MPEG-4 compression

- Builtin microSD/SDHC card slot

When you chose and IP camera, you should also think of where it is going to be – Oustide or inside.

We do not want to say that one brand is the best, but through our reserach, we found out that people tend to like and reccomend these brands:

Y-cam, Zavio, Axis, Vivotek, D-Link,Tp-Link, Foscam.

Wne you look at outdoor cameras – Vivotek, Y-Cam and Foscam have models with waterproof casing and Wi-Fi. Their resolution is standart.

Here are some links to these companies. You can find some useful information on their websites

http://www.vivotek.com/web/product/ProductDetail.aspx?Model=IP8336W – Vivotek outdoor camera. Check out the other products as well

http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/home-solutions/view/network-cameras/dcs-2332l-outdoor-hd-wireless-day-night-cloud-camera – good quality outdoor camera





The options are many. Chose wisely, If you want to have a reliable IP camera and use it for a long period of time. Also consider a cloud based surveillance solutionsCloud storage is a great option if you have a small business or start up. Also it is cost saving for you home security needs. Great way to monitor you home during the day from your smart phone or laptop, your baby in the other room or just your crazy Labrador.

Cloud based surveillance challenges

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Many businesses and homes are switching to cloud based surveillance. There are of course some challenges, that you should consider when you enter the world of Cloud based solutions.

When we talk about Internet speed, it is important to mention the location. Location is very important for the cloud surveillance, and of course for every cloud based solution, you are using for your business or home needs. USA, may be the biggest world economy, but the Internet speed is not that good and the quality of course. If you are looking for high speed Internet connection, you are looking at hundreds of dollars per month. For your video surveillance you will need high upload, because your videos should upload your massive video data to a data center, located on a different continent. This is an issue for many companies, because if They really want to benefit from the high quality cloud based surveillance through IP cameras Internet speed is important.

Cloud based surveillance


When we talk about storage it is important to know, that if you want to have a high quality Cloud based surveillance, you will need storage for your video recordings. Of course you can record only the things that are important for you, some events that happened during the day. Cloud storage is expensive, but of course it depends on the cloud storage provider. Consider also a cloud based surveillance storage that is easy to understand and not very expensive. You can store your videos on a lower resolution to save yourself some money and space.

Easy access to the network
When we talk about Cloud based surveillance for your home and business comes the question – How easy it is to accessed and used. It is very important to consider a solution, that does not require a software to be installed, since your computer can crash and you can not have this software on every computer and device you use. Software are not reliable. Consider a solution, that can be accessed via browser. Easy to understand and navigate administration panel, that will allow you to monitor and navigate using a laptop or smart phone..of course you will need an Internet connection. This is a great way to keep an eye on your office or bar and to monitor how the baby is doing via your Lap top, while you are watching a TV in your living room!

your business cloud surveillance

Speed of Live video
The speed of live video is important. When you use it for business or home needs, speed is important, because some events need to be catched right away. Of course speed should be coming with a quality. You should consider cloud video surveillance solution which provides quality and good speed of the live monitoring. Think about also of Motion detection feature, which will inform you when an events happens.

Management system
When you use Cloud Based surveillance on several venues and access them from multiple places, managing is crucial. You should rely on a well organized and easy to maintain management system. Single interface is important to access and monitor all the cameras you have installed.

Cloud based surveillance security
You should consider cloud based surveillance, which data centers are in a well developed countries, such as germany and Finland. And alos think of cloud based storage, that will not bee accessed by NSA. Cloud based surveillance offers security and of course your data is better protected, than if you use a normal Hard drive on servers at your premises. What will happen viruses hit your system and If you do not have IT personel at your premises. Let a cloud based surveillance company take care of this sensitive stuff. You have business to take care of.

Scalability of your Surveillance system
When we talk about scalability, think about a Cloud based surveillance service that allows you to add more cameras and maintain them easily. It should be operating based on your needs and preferences. Ask us, how you can scale!

Cloud based service

Important thing for the cloud based solutions is to be able to use and pay only for the features and services you are using. Services on demand, this is what you should be looking at! No long term contracts


A great advantage of the Cloud based solutions is that you do not have to have any IT personals to take care of your system. The people, who offer the cloud based solutions are responsible for that. Also when it comes to security and access to your profile and data it is completely secured, especially ,when you are looking wt people with experience in this field, such as fennocloudcam. For your Cloud based video surveillance, you should always look at solution, where are regularly new updates available and improvements and new features as well.




Security Camera Systems: Benefits of IP Camera Cloud Storage 3

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There is a probability that you have configured security camera systems at multiple places of yours and you do not have to bother about remembering different logins for each site where the camera system is configured. With a single login, you have the complete access to the real time video footage of your sites and it helps you keep updated of all your sites under one login.

You never have to worry about the capabilities of the home security camera systems because it does not limit you with the amount of cameras that you can configure at the customer site. It also has no limitations with the video storage as well as user login options because the cloud video monitoring is a scalable concept.

The servers which are used for the purpose of securing the customer site are fully updated with the latest security upgrades and it has a 99.9% uptime which does not give you any worries about the uptime of the video surveillance system. Due to the high percentage of uptime, it overtakes the traditional camera system concept thanks to the durability brought by a well configured cloud video surveillance system.

In case of having a trouble with the cloud video monitoring surveillance system, the unlimited helpdesk support is there to help all your security needs in a more effective as well as productive way.

The cloud video monitoring services are highly compatible with a wide range of camera models while giving you the flexibility of choosing the best camera that matches the customer site and the budget possessed by the customer.

The benefits of a well maintained IP Camera cloud storage surveillance system is extremely vital for the security of the customer site in the perspective of a customer because of the flexibility it offers to the client. However, choosing the best surveillance system supplier with the best equipment is very essential to obtain a great service. There can be a difference in terms of the overall service offered by surveillance suppliers and it is recommended that you select the best supplier for the security solutions of the customer site.

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